Why have your own custom web store?


Because we'll do the work for you!

Have you ever had the hassle of being the team mom or the person responsible to get shirts printed for your organization?  If you have, then you know the challenges with this job.  Everyone wants the fun and excitement of having shirts done for their own team or group.  Now we have created a system that will help you  avoid the hassles of this process….


No More order forms

No longer is there a need to tally up order forms and try to interpret sloppy handwriting.  With your online store each person will order the specific items they want and the system automatically records the sizes and colors needed for each order.



No More Collecting Money

You also do not need to collect and account for the money for each person and each order.  All of that is done automatically.  Money is collected online via credit or debit cards (call us for special payment arrangements like payroll deduction or paying in bulk).  Each payment is accounted for and linked to a specific order.  No more lost money or  trying to collect after the orders have been handed out.


No more guessing sizes and quantities

Remember how hard it is to guess how many shirts to order and what sizes to order?  No more guessing is required with your own webstore.  We only produce the number of items actually ordered.   This will eliminate all of that excess inventory and money going down the drain when you guess wrong. 



No more sorting and bagging    

Remember the problems of distributing large group orders?  You either had to spend hours sorting boxes of items into individual orders or run the risk of chaos at distribution time.   How many times did you end up short by 2 shirts either because your tallies were off or because someone took the wrong size shirt or an extra shirt at distribution time?  All of these hassled are eliminated with your own webstore.  PPG provides the service of sorting and bagging and tagging each order individually.  All you have to do is pull the individually bagged orders out of the box and read off the names. 


No More handling parent phone calls

Let us take you out of tough position of being the middleman.  Our support staff is available to answer all of your questions and your team member’s questions.  We will answer everything  from  how to use the web site,  to when will I receive my order,  to how can I change sizes on my order.     



No Special Computer Knowledge Necessary

We take care of all of the technical aspects of setting up the website.   All you have to do is make some decisions and then we do the rest.  When everything is set up and ready to go, you simply let people know about the site and how to access it.  We recommend that you set up a group email contact list and notify your members weekly during the 2 to 3 week shopping period.  We will supply links and photos of the site for you to send to your members.  The success of the site depends upon you promoting it to your members.


No more door to door candy sales….Use it as a Fund Raiser

If you are tired of trying to sell useless items to your family and friends, now you can use your webstore as an instant fundraiser.  You decide on the prices to charge your team members.  You have the option to pass along the wholesale cost to them – saving them money;  or you can mark up each item and use the store as a fund raising tool for your team or group.  The choice is yours.  


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