Custom Web Store FAQs


How much does it cost to set up a custom web store for my group?

The web store is free to set up.  However, you do have to commit to a minimum purchase of 25 pieces of apparel.  If your group does not meet this minimum order, then a $50 set up fee will be charged.   Rarely, does a group not sell the minimum number of garments.    We will work with you to help you publicize the website so that it will be successful. 


What products can we offer on our store?

You can offer any combination of brands, styles, or products in your web store.  It is your store, so you can select the styles and designs that will be of interest to your group.  We will be glad to give advice and assistance as we set up your store.   Popular brands have been Gildan, Jerzees, Champion, Badger, Holloway, Nike, and Adidas.


Can we customize the design to make it exactly the way we want it to look?

Yes, at no additional fee our art staff will work with you to create a design you are happy with.  We do not ask you to use stock designs also used by other teams and groups.  Your store will use your own custom design.  You will be able to send us your design or logo OR our inhouse art staff can help you develop a custom design to use.  In either case you will get to see an art proof of your design on your apparel before we set up the store. 


What is the timeline for getting the web store set up and then for getting our finished apparel?

It normally takes just a few days to set up your store once we have approved art for your design.  Your web store will be set up with a DUE DATE or deadline for orders.  The due date is customarily set about 2 -3 weeks after the time the store opens.  This gives your group members adequate time to order their apparel.  At the due date, our staff will close the web store and process all of the orders.  Approximately one week later the apparel will be decorated, bagged and tagged into individual orders.  The orders will be either delivered or shipped to you as the group leader shortly thereafter.      


How is the purchase price determined for the items in our web store?

You determine the purchase price.  You will be able to work with our staff to determine the correct price for your group.  You are able to pass along our wholesale cost to them or to mark up each item and use the store as a fund raising tool.  The choice is yours.


What if we want to place additional orders after the deadline?

We are happy to extend the due date on your store before we process the orders.  If you still want to place additional orders after the store is closed and the orders processed, we can also accommodate that request.  However, since these late orders will require additional set up and decorating time, the 25 piece minimum or $50 set up fee will once again apply.  


How do you ship the orders to our group?

For most groups and teams, we individually bag and tag each order but then ship the entire order to the coach or leader for distribution.  Distribution is a snap since all you have to do is open the boxes and pull out a bag and read the name on each order.  If your group is spread out across the country, we also have the option of individually shipping each order.  You can make that choice when your web store is set up.


How much work do I have to do to make this store successful?

Our professional staff does at least 90% of the work for your web store.  There really is only one job we leave to you.  It will be your job to get the word out.  You can use email, text messages, Facebook, and Twitter.   You can even use posters and postcards.  Your mailing list will stay private and confidential.   We will simply assist you in publicizing the web store to all of your members.     

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