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 Featured Lesson  
Team Defense, Part Three: Outfielders Factors
Those who play on the grass have important tasks. Review priorities and types of action you'll face. Former Arizona Coach Jerry Stitt also has final words on which spot may be the right place. Athletes and coaches should both tune in!  more...

 Pro Performance 
Pitchers Plus Catchers A Quality Combination
They must work together better than Gilligan and the Skipper and be as well matched as yin and yang. Anaheim Angels Manager Mike Scioscia has been there, done that and shares the keys to success. This is Part One of a two-part lesson.   more...

Pitching Mental Preparation: Part One
You've probably heard of the mind and body connection. Make yours better with tips from Michigan Coach Geoff Zahn, who gets pitchers thinking smartly to perform brilliantly. Have a plan, be confident and do the job well.   more...

Get to Second Safely
You made it to first; now go further. Cal Lutheran Coach Marty Slimak tells base stealers what to look for and when to make "go or stay" decisions. Turns out, little movements make a big difference! The more you know, the better you'll go.   more...

 Mind & Body  
What makes some athletes superior? What helps a player reach the next level? Sport Psychology Consultant Karlene Sugarman says do what's expected, but find ways to do it better. When the going gets tough, the tough keep going!   more...

 From the Library  
Geoff Zahn, Head Coach, University of Michigan
Pitching great but walking batters? Don't get mad, get help with suggestions from Michigan Coach Geoff Zahn.
  ...read this lesson now

Rich Hill, Head Coach, University of San Diego
What to do first and next with kids? Hold steady, San Diego Coach Rich Hill will get you and the team going.
  ...read this lesson now

Danny Hall, Coach, Georgia Tech
It's called a routine play, but some infielders have trouble routinely doing it. Georgia Tech Coach Danny Hall has the scoop on making it routine for you: Take the proper approach and get there on time.
  ...read this lesson now

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Parents Must Read
Beginning training? Choosing exercises? Get expert insight for physical fitness.  more...
Have a plan and philosophy. Prepare and prioritize using San Diego Coach Rich Hill's unique outline.  more...
Big League Tips
This pro guides coaches with honesty, insight and suggestions. more...
Ask Dr. Screwball
This fun friend has suggestions for smart speaking and fortune tweaking. more...
Now Batting
They say nothing worthwhile comes easy. This team overcame numerous challenges to be superior.  more...
Caught in the Web
Which players stand out from the rest and what for?  more...
Daily Drill
Check here every day for a new drill. Work hard, have fun... and see you again tomorrow!  more...



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