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Online edition of the magazine

If you only care about soccer in America, this site's probably not for you. If, however, you'd like information on international teams, players, venues and previous tournaments, it's worth visiting. Disappointingly, there are barely any pictures to go with lots of words. Of course, they promote subscribing to the magazine and now offer a yearbook, too.

News stories are kind of short, but still insightful and recent. The Exclusives offer more depth and are always pretty interesting topics. Player profiles, meanwhile, share good quotes and/or "fact files". We like the interview with popular Brazil star Ronaldo. By the way, "Best Players of the 20th Century" is hidden in the Features section.

Think of Fixtures as really meaning Schedules, because that's where dates (but not times) of big matches are listed for 18 different countries-including MLS games in the USA. Results still means final scores, but Tables refers to league standings (none for American, though). Helpful hint: for Africa and Japan details, go to the competition lists on the left-hand side.

Athlete transfers and trades are thoroughly covered, even providing player salaries, but good luck figuring out what the amounts of English pounds equal in dollars. You'll have more fun seeing what the World Cup 2002 stadiums look like from above.

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