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Nutmeg is the ultimate "insult play"when an opponent dribbles the soccer ball right through your legs. Got a question nobody can answer? Maybe it's about a sport. Maybe it's about life. You'll be amazed how much Dr. Nutmeg knows. E-mail your questions to . Please include your full name, city and state with your e-mail.

Dear Dr. Nutmeg: We recently got more cable channels. Last time I was flipping through I came across a soccer game in Spanish. Who's the guy that shouts "GOOOAAAALL!" each time someone scores?
-Rick Hatfield, Tampa, FL

You are referring to the legendary voice of Louis Tapia, who always provides exciting and emotional soccer play-by-play. If the "GOAL" call doesn't last long or make you spill your food or drink, and if you can't hear it from the TV when you're in a different room, it simply isn't Louis. The guy is world famous by now. Fans often say Tapia truly captures the spirit of 'the world's most popular sport.' Meanwhile, I've thought of a few other things you can shout when a goal is scored: "YESSS!" "PIZZA!" "THAT'S MY KID/BROTHER/SISTER!" "SCORE!" "POINT, POINT!" "SUPERIOR!" "GAME OVER!" "PERFECTO!" "GOOD-BYE!"


Dear Dr. Nutmeg: What do you think of the mascots for World Cup 2002?
-Shannon Clark, Los Angeles, CA

On the one hand, they're original, cute and colorful. On the other hand, they're weird and don't make much sense because I don't see the tie-in to Japan/Korea or even soccer! (Next summer's World Cup finals will be held in that country). By the way, names for the three characters were announced in late April: Ato, Nik and Kaz. Who knows if they'll end up being popular collectors' items? I still like the mascot of the 1994 World Cup held in the United States, a smiling cartoon dog known as Striker.


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