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Drawing Winners
Grand Prize:
Rick Wolf
Hart Pony
Baseball & Softball

Autographed Tony Gwynn Bat
1st Place:
Brenda Dunbar
Santa Susana BB
Fielder's Glove
2nd Place:
Tracy Lavarnay
West Hills Pony BB
3rd Place:
Tom Bunker
El Rio LL
Baseball Cleats
4th Place:
Bob Oliver
Federal Way American LL
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Smart Sports Training
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We provide world-class sports training and coaching combined with an ongoing fundraising service that gives back to local teams and leagues.
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Hassle-Free Fundraising The 50/50 Club Way

Youth Sports Coaches, Players, and Parents Benefit Online and Offline serves the coaches, players, and parents who participate in organized college, high school and youth league sports programs. Our purpose is to provide quality sports training and instruction, combined with an ongoing fundraising service for youth sports teams and organizations in local communities. is unique because we provide exceptional sports training from professional and college coaches and athletes.

We spend time in local communities. Nationwide, our representatives attend local events to help youth sports teams improve the quality of their instruction and to make fundraising easier.

We spend money by giving back to local teams. We put our money where our commitment is. We give back 50% of our membership cost to the youth sports teams and organizations that join Our revenue-sharing program is capturing the loyalty and enthusiasm of many communities because we give back directly to local youth organizations.

We provide the highest quality sports training and instruction by top professional and college coaches and athletes. Our outstanding lineup includes: TONY GWYNN, MIKE SCIOSCIA, RICK PETERSON, SUE ENQUIST, SUSIE PARRA, STEVE SAMPSON, JERRY YEAGLEY and many others. We have also assembled well-known Sports Psychologists, Orthopedic Specialists, and Strength and Conditioning experts in a Mind & Body section, including Dr. ALAN GOLDBERG, Dr. LUGA PODESTA, and FERNANDO MONTES. content is designed for today's learning and is intended to connect, guide and inspire young athletes, their coaches and parents. Thousands of coaches and youth sports teams and leagues have adopted as the official sports training and fundraising program for their sports organizations.

Money and Time-Saving Benefits for Coaches, Players, and Parents

You save money. memberships are affordable. The discounted price to teams and organizations is only $26 per family, an $8 savings off the regular rate of $34.

You save time. For less than the cost of an instructional video, coaches, players, and parents have 24/7 access to sport-specific training, education and instruction by world-class professional and college coaches, athletes and other authorities. members have access to daily drills, practice plans, strength and mental training, parent guides and much more.

A major benefit for youth sports teams and organizations is that is a continuous fundraising resource. We give half of the $26 membership directly back to the teams and organizations that join!

" is quite honestly the most powerful teaching tool available for players, parents and coaches I've seen at any level! I'm proud to be part of such a winning team."

Tony Gwynn, San Diego Padres

Join us, we are online and in the community!

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