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Dear Dr. Screwball: How come people refer to an easy fly ball as "a can of corn?" I think it would probably hurt to catch a can of vegetables.
Steve Shaffer, San Francisco, Calif.

I certainly don't recommend playing long toss with a 22-ounce container of creamed corn, but the term "can of corn" comes from grocers in the late 19th century who used poles to tip cans off a high shelf. They then caught the cans with their aprons. It's corny, but true.

Dear Dr. Screwball: I need help with advice on base running. When running the bases, which foot should touch the bags on each base?
Scott Osborn

Use either your left foot or your right foot. One of those. Under no circumstances should any other foot be used. Seriously, more important than WHICH foot you use is WHERE on the base your foot hits. You want to hit the inside corner of the base, using the base to push off and accelerate. Use whichever foot naturally hits the base while you are sprinting. If you slow down or stutter-step simply to touch the base with a specific foot, you will be probably be thrown out by a foot (or more).

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