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Baseball Training Lessons
Improve Your Game
Insider training techniques
and tips from the pros

TSC Lessons

»  Hitting Mechanics
By Tony Gwynn, All-Star Outfielder, San Diego Padres.

»  Spring Training
By Mike Scioscia, Manager, Anaheim Angels.

»  Catching 
By Rick Dempsey, Former Major Leaguer.

Baseball Lessons and Tips to Improve Your Game

Tee for One, With a Side of Wiffle Balls
Tony Gwynn
All-Star Outfielder, San Diego Padres

When most parents talk to their kids about hitting, it's in the backyard with someone throwing something and someone swinging something. However, for me the most effective way to start is to go out and buy a tee and a bag of Wiffle balls. It will cost you $25. Tee it up and start taking hacks. Read More

Reducing Tryout Anxiety
Mike Scioscia
Manager, Anaheim Angels

Spring training is a great time of the year as players are relaxed, preparing for another year. The excitement of the upcoming season helps ease the usual aches and pains of getting a body in shape to perform the skills needed to compete. Major league players aren't the only ones going through training to get in shape. Younger players must prepare for what will be a long, taxing season for a young and developing body. Read More

Proper Set-Up Is Step One for Catchers
By Rick Dempsey
Former Major Leaguer

Setting up properly is the first component in becoming a good receiver. If you expect to be consistent and have good results from catching, you must be able to control your body and give yourself the best possible chance to be successful. Developing a sound set-up will enable you to adapt to the many other facets of the position much more easily. Read More

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