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Softball Training Lessons
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TSC Lessons

»  A Pitching Drill for Speedy Thrills
By Cindy Bristow

»  Who's Up, Who's on Deck Deciding Factors in Making a Line-Up
By Linda Derk

»  Balance: The Key to Unlocking Offensive Production
By Teresa Wilson

Softball Lessons to Increase Your Speed and Boost Performance

A Pitching Drill for Speedy Thrills
By Cindy Bristow
Head Coach, Florida Wahoos, WPSL

Pitchers: How can you develop more speed?

I know you've asked yourself this question beforehaven't you? Don't worry, EVERY pitcher has, from Lisa Fernandez on the Olympic Team, to Desarie Knipfer on the Florida Wahoos (my team in the Women's Pro Softball League), down to other pitchers in your league. ALL pitchers want to throw faster. That's normal. What's tougher is to find out just how to do it. Read More.


Who's Up, Who's On Deck?
Deciding Factors in Making a Line-Up
By Linda Derk
WPSL Head Coach, Tampa Bay Firestix

Part of a coach's responsibilities is to put the most effective line-up on the field. In order to generate a consistent offensive attack, the lineup has to be a threat one through nine. This takes getting to know what each and every one of your players has to offer.

Practices should be set up so each player has the opportunity to show what she can offer to the lineup. Station work is always a great way to have quality repetition, view a player's work ethic, ability to make adjustments quickly/effectively, and self-motivation. Read More

Balance: The Key To Unlocking Offensive Production
By Teresa Wilson
Head Coach, University of Washington

What do the most outstanding teams in the country all have in common over the past few years? Balance. An offensive attack consisting of a short game, speed and power.

A few years ago, the slap game became the fashion statement of the softball world. Everyone from college to high school to the youngest age groups had to try it. What we lacked in technique, we made up for with speed and a defense's lack of knowledge in defending the slap. The slap became a dominant offensive weapon.

The game of softball has undergone many changes over the years. As time has passed, the defense has caught up, in much the same way hitters have caught up to pitchers. Read More

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