Welcome to "The 50/50 Club!" This is a special service offered to amateur sports organizations
(youth, high school and college baseball and softball programs).

What is the 50/50 Club?

This special revenue-sharing program offered is an easy, efficient way to raise funds to help support amateur sports leagues or teams, while improving knowledge of the game for players, coaches and parents. This is the only fund-raiser that can accomplish this dual purpose.

Fund-raising usually is a time-consuming and tedious task dropped in the lap of parents and volunteers. We intend to solve this widespread dilemma by becoming the continuous fund-raising source for these organizations.

The 50/50 Club

The 50/50 Club is a hassle-free fund-raising and educational resource for your youth league, high school or college organization.

TheSportsCoach.com will donate 50% of all subscription fees back to your organization. Simply contact a local sales representative or our office and tell us you want to join the 50/50 Club! It's that easy!

The SportsCoach.com sales representative will supply your organization with brochures outlining everything our site offers. The players can buy a discounted one-year subscription and sell subscriptions in their community. TheSportsCoach.com will donate to your team 50% of all subscriptions your team generates.

Upon registering, your organization is eligible to receive monthly checks from our "Value-Added Funding" sources. You qualify just by taking advantage of the 50/50 Club offer. We do the rest!

Subscription Prices

50/50 Club annual subscription rate: $26
Regular annual
subscription rate: $34

Value-Added Funding Includes:

  • 50% of our online magazine subscription sales
  • 25% of advertising and sponsorship revenue based on the number of your paid subscribers
  • 25% of gross profit on equipment and other sports-related sales based on the number of your paid subscribers


  • A professional fund-raising program
  • A local representative of TheSportsCoach.com will help you coordinate fund-raising
  • Quality information for coaches, players and parents
  • Opportunities for fund-raising from alumni through subscription renewals
  • Opportunities to receive income from national sponsors and advertisers
  • A built-in annual fund-raiser with little effort
  • Discounts on equipment

Players, Parents & Coaches Can Enjoy:

  • Daily updated instructional articles and drills from nationally and internationally recognized experts.
  • Youth League articles that are fun and entertaining as well as instructional.
  • Medical information appropriate for sport and age.
  • Proven mental training techniques.
  • Free sports gear and equipment for visiting the site!
  • Product discounts!
  • For Mom & Dad - Play a more knowledgeable role in the development of your child.
  • And much more!

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TheSportsCoach.com provides ongoing training, education and funding for amateur sports organizations worldwide.